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Malcolm Keith

UGC Creator &

Motivational Speaker

Phoenix, AZ

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Starting Rates:

Organic Ads

Content for social profiles and/or website email marketing.

$250 for 1 video

$550 for 3 videos

$650 for 5 videos

Paid Ads Usage

Usage rights to run ads on TikTok, IG, and/or Youtube.

30% for 90-day usage rights

50% for 180-day usage rights

Ad Testing Sets

4, 8, or 16 videos with different hooks and CTAs (same footage)

$600 for 4 videos (2 hooks, 2 CTAs)

$800 for 8 videos (4 hooks, 2 CTAs)

Raw Footage

Non-edited footage for brand to edit and use.

+50% for raw footage

Monthly Contracts

10, 20, or 30 videos

(for social media or ads)

(Averaged at $225 per video)

$6750 for 30 videos

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